Susan - Evanston, Illinois
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

An essential decency exists in most human beings around the world. We saw it come forward in the recent 2008 Presidential election and the country was amazed at itself.

After being told we were stupid and easily led, the American people looked at the issues our country is facing and then looked deep into themselves and at the candidates measuring each partly as a measure of themselves.

Sen. Obama was elected because what resonated was his essential decency. He reflected us. It was time to return to who we really are: hardworking, can-do, honest folks working for a better America for us all.

Of course we have our differences on many issues, ideas, religions and much more. After being abused by those who wanted us to discount ourselves for so long we began to believe we were powerless to change anything. Then something happened. Enough was enough already. We reaching a tipping point charged by desperation to do something, looked around and said to our neighbors, our kids, our relatives, our friends and whoever else we could find, times must change.

In that vote for Sen. Obama we also returned to ourselves. Our inner decency, our individual and collective power. We came home to ourselves, to our country and to our alliance with other people around the world. This I believe.