Peace or war?

Abood - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“When civil dudgeon first grew to high,

And men fell out, they knew not why;

When hard words, jealousies and fear,

Set folks together by the ears,

And made them fight, like mad or drunk,

For dame religion as for punk;…”

-Butler, Hudibras (opening lines)

Many dream of a world with no war. Peace is what they call it. Yet has there ever been a time in history without war of one kind or another? When man first came into existence, did we not discover how to strike one another down with tools made of wood and stone? Did the Romans not enjoy seeing their fellow humans ripped to shreds in their arenas? Do we not spend billions of dollars on materials to fight wars with, on supplies to sustain armies for years and years on end, and on research into the best way to destroy our “enemies”? Peace is only a pleasant dream. War, however, is a constant.

Throughout recorded history conflicts have been started over two things, religion (what you think is wrong and you should believe what we do because it is better) and resources (we need what you have in your land, so give it to us or we will kill you). “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love, one another”. -Swift, Thoughts on Various Subjects. I believe that religion is a personal thing and a persons religion should not matter to others or be a deciding factor in if they are your friend or not. For instance, many people in my life believe in different religions, the grandparents on my mom’s side are Christian, the grandparents on my dad’s side are Muslim, my friends, John and Greg, are agnostic, while my friend Kenny is an Atheist, and we all get along fine. I myself have found that if you just respect all religions, you will lead a much happier life. Most problems with a lack of certain resources could be solved with a simple trade agreement. If they could put their differences aside just long enough to establish a simple system of trade routes between their countries, they would be much better off. The only possible way the human race could achieving peace would be if we could lose our need to shove religion down each others throats, and to somehow get an unlimited amount of resources for every country to have and enjoy.

I do not believe in mindless violence, but that we, the human race as a whole, are, at our core, basically a savage people. Our aggression is something that was developed hundreds of years ago and will be retained until the end of the human race and time itself. “Man, biologically considered,…is the most formidable of all the beasts of prey, and, indeed, the only one that preys systematically on its own species.”-William James, Memories and Studies. What William James means is that man is the best hunter on this planet but we are the only ones that hunt our own species. War has never changed, only the ways in which we fight them have.