Taylor - Micanopy, Florida
Entered on November 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I would define hero as a superhero. Ever since I was little I would look up to them in comic books or movies as if they were my idols. When I was six years old my favorite would always be superman, I don’t know why but he was the best. I thought superman was the best because he can fly and has super strength but the most important thing is that he can’t die and he is invincible. Sometimes I wish we had superheroes so they could stop all the violence around us and protect us and our families from the modern world. If we had them there would be no problems for us to worry about.

To me a hero is someone you would look up to and want to be. Most of the time every one that thought that person was their hero, they are wrong people change as they get older and change their ways as well. I have a real hero instead of a superhero; my hero is my cousin n Matthew Parrish. I think of him as my hero because he treats everyone with respect and me too. We have a lot of fun and make jokes and hangout all the time. I tell him he is my older brother instead of my cousin because we are best friends like that. Also when he helps me out with all my problems that I’m dealing with at school or home. We never get mad at each other because I always listen to him and talk to him and we always talk about girls and we think it’s funny. He protects me when we are at the mall or away from his home, he wants to do good in school and don’t become bad or dropout I’m trying so hard not to do that I don’t want to disappoint him or my family I have been struggling in school ever since third grade and I am trying to be just like my cousin and not get bad grades and be an “A” student and follow what my hero does so I can become better at what the future holds for me and compete in track.

Heroes can come from anywhere as long as you choose the right one and don’t choose the wrong one. If so your life will be different from everyone else’s your attitude will change, grades, friends, and also what you do with your friends. For instance drugs or sex people might think it’s cool, but it’s really not it affects your health and body. But it’s your choice, your life, so you choose who your hero.

This i believe