Learning how to be helpful

Adam - Hornbeck, Louisiana
Entered on November 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Friendliness Towards Others

Friendliness towards others is great tip on how to succeed in life. It’s much easier in life if you know people. I have living proof to back up my thesis, my dad. My dad’s job requires him to visit a new person’s house everyday. Everyday he has to practice his social skills when he meets someone new. On some days I will work with him and he has a restaurant that he likes to eat at for lunch and it seems that everybody that walks in that store know my dad. Well one day I decided to count how many people said hello to my dad I counted and if I remember correctly it was either thirteen or fourteen people who knew him, excluding the restaurant owners and employees. My dad has been working for people for over twenty years so I’m sure you can picture how many people he has met.

I have one really good example though that stands out of all the others. It may not be important you but it is to me. Well we all know that Christmas is a very hectic holiday. About two years ago I told my parents all I wanted for Christmas was the Nintendo Wii some of you may know what that is but if not; it’s a game system that was very popular and still is. Anyway my mom and I drove three hours out to my aunts house so we could stay and look for them. Not only that my mom’s other sister was looking all the down in Houma, Louisiana. We stopped at every game and general store we saw on the way there my mom even shopped online for a Nintendo Wii but never found one for a decent price. We ran out of luck and my mom said, “Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it!” I knew exactly what that meant.

Christmas eve rolled around and it was time for us to open our presents I was a little disappointed because I knew I wouldn’t get what I really wanted. I opened up all of my presents and my parents said there is one left they brought it out and it was the shape that I was looking for. I opened the box and there it was my Nintendo Wii, the very thing my mom said I wouldn’t get. That next morning I asked them how they got it. Once again my dad’s social skills had saved the day. It turns out he knew the manager of a nearby Wal-mart that was about ten minutes away. He told me the story about how he called up the manager and they had two Nintendo Wii’s left and a lady and a man had already called for them. The manager told my dad if he can get to the store in one hour it’s his for the taking.

My dad made to the store with many minutes to spare. He went up to customer service and asked for the manager, the manager came to the front and took my dad to the storage rooms and told him to pick any one he wanted free of charge. I thought it was a story that I could take and learn a lesson from and the lesson is give help where help is needed. You never know how they will repay you.