Take Negative Energy and Turn It into Postive Motivation

Jessica - auburn, Washington
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Someone tells you that you can’t do something. What is our natural response as human beings? We defend ourselves and maybe even get angry with that person. What is a better way to handle this predicament? I believe that we can take the negative things others say about us or what we can’t do and prove them wrong and accomplish it. Take that negative energy and run with it. Make it our inspiration and drive to accomplish this. We shouldn’t let them bring us down with their pessimistic views and unconstructive criticism, but use it to enhance our character and get farther in life.

My brother, Michael, and I aren’t as close as the average brother/sister siblings. We haven’t been that way since we were little. We have gotten a bit closer as we have gotten older, yet we still have our differences. When I was younger my brother and I got in a huge fight. One thing you have to know about my brother and me is that when we fight we don’t hit, kick, pull hair, or punch. We fight verbally. We say things that we don’t really mean to. He says “Jessica, you’re ugly, dumb and can never get anything right”. I would say, “If I’m dumb then you must be the dumbest person in the history of the world. At least I can get a passing grade on my vocab test. You dumb dumb-y.” Hearing my brother say those words to me “you’re ugly, dumb and can never get anything right” sunk in after a while. They we’re imprinted into my brain that that was what I really was. I didn’t realize that the words my brother would tell me whenever I got into an argument or disagreement with him made me think that I really was ugly, dumb and a screw up. Of course after every fight hours later we would both apologize to each other and move on with life. But still days later those words would be engraved into my bran. Going years with these kinds of arguments gave me low self esteem.

After a squabble one day, I was fed up with my brother’s put downs. I decided that I would live every day to better myself in proving him wrong. That I’m not ugly, stupid or a complete screw up. Through this whole thought process I have gain confidence in myself and believing that I can do what I set my mind to. Even though, in the beginning, it started off as trying to prove my brother wrong and get back at him for saying hurtful, demeaning thing to me, it turned out that it gave me a motivation to keep at it for more things than just showing him that he’s wrong. I have put my mind to things that my parents, surrounding friends and/or family thought I would never be able to do.

I believe that everyone can turn a negative thing, characteristic, or mindset into a positive one. Yes, it may take a lot of work and determination, but it is achievable. Anything is achievable with the right determination and motivation.