America – the land of Opportunities

Suganya - Woodbury, Minnesota
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I am an Indian by birth and on my way to become an American! – I will be filing for my American Citizenship in March of 2009.

And, I am so proud to become an American as much proud as I am to be an Indian.

Although I was actively participating in the entire election process – watching every debate, tuning to CNN every day to watch Lou Dobbs & Wolf Blitzer’s election coverage, trying to identify which party holds my beliefs the closest and which party I think should win, I do have a small regret in the corner of my heart that I was unable to Vote in this historic election. But I didn’t want to miss even one bit of what was happening because I strongly believed that the outcome of this election is what is going to redefine America to the rest of the world!

As much as I love India and our culture, I love America for being the only country in the world to embrace people of all religions and culture and providing a space & the respect for each and every culture. Where in the history of the world do you have an African American becoming the president of the country. Things like this can happen only in America. The greatness of this country is proved yet again!

It is so hard to describe the emotions I went through on the election night. History is made in the United States of America as the people in other parts of the world start praising Americans for their true Democratic attitude. As the election results unfold and the President-Elect is announced on CNN, I can feel the lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and saying to myself, “YES! History has been made and feel like shouting to the World, America is Back! Wait and Watch!”