essay for LA

katrina - auburn WA, Washington
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Even though I’m only sixteen, I know how it feels to try and conquer something that is thrown at you, and personal problems that you have to deal with each day. At times, it may be hard and you will struggle, and not do the best you can, when you’re trying to deal with a life or personal challenge or problem. Some issues might be with teen girls and pregnancy. Most teen girls might think there ready and they know everything about it, but they don’t know that it will most likely ruin their future and life, by having a baby at a young age. I’ve had a friend who got pregnant at a very young age, while she was still in high school She didn’t plan on it happening, or really even wanted it to happen, but it did happen, and she cant take it back. She wanted to grow up and be a Dental Assistant, but now that she has the baby, she can’t accomplish any of her dreams, or goals in life. Now, she has to depend on her parents to support her on everything. She’s always a very independent girl and like doing things her way and getting things done of her term, just how I like to do it. Getting through life and personal problems, and struggles could be difficult, and you might want to give up some times, but most everyone finds the strength to overcome them and move on. I did, when I was trying to deal with my grandma passing away. Iv learned from watching my friend s try to make a good life out of what has came to her that in struggling times, I should always look at the positive side of everything and try to do my best and what I’m given. My friend had to deal with something that was really unexpected and she didn’t know it would ever happen, just like my grandmother dying. So I guess pushing through and having to deal with both of our challenges in life, helped us both realize that no matter what happens, you have to get through it, and do your best at trying to accomplish it, because life isn’t easy, and most of the time you will have to learn the hard way, no matter how much you want to believe it, life sucks most of the time. Getting through the mistakes and problems makes you stronger and will teach you a good life lesson so you can learn from them and try and keep that knowledge for when your faced with the same or similar situation in your life or your trying to help a loved one get though it. You make mistakes everyday, and taking them back isn’t always easy. I’ve also learned that sometimes you have to rely on only you to get through them. Some situations in your life, that you will have to face, will only be fixed with the knowledge you have from making past mistakes in your life. But at most times, you can go to a friend, or a family member to help you. Getting help from someone else usually helps you learn how to deal with a situation from a different point of view, so you know if you’re ever faces with that again, there are two ways you can fix it.