Teenage Years without my Big Brother

Timothy - Riverside, California
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, setbacks

Teenage Years without my Big Brother

My brother and I were the closest between my siblings. We were the best of friends and would do everything together. I remember the day my big brother ran away from home. The day he ran away was the day I became lost, like I did not know which way was up or down. I believe one of the most difficult things to do is live without your role model.

It was not long after my big brother left that I started going down the wrong path. My big brother ran away when I was thirteen years of age. He left out of nowhere, not saying goodbye to my parents, sisters or me. I took it to heart when he left because I loved him more than anything in life. I believe if my brother would not have left, I would have not done so many stupid things throughout my teenage years.

When my brother left I started doing some bad things. My grades went down in school, started yelling at my parents, and became addicted to marijuana. I believe at this age kids should not be smoking marijuana, but I hade no one to tell me different. Throughout junior high I was considered a “pot head”. I believe this was the only way I could deal with my brother running away from home.

When I hit the age of fifteen I was in high school. High school was a whole new environment for me. I had a lot of friends from junior high, but my best friend was not there. My brother and I would have been attending school together if he would not have run away. I believe if he would have been there with me I would have changed my life around. When I became an adult that is when things turned from bad to worse. After graduation I started to drink very heavily, and felt like I had no control over my actions. At times I was contemplating on just running away too, and become a free loader. But the best thing happened to me before I went down the worst road I could have possibly gone down; my brother came back home after five years. I believe if my big brother and role model would have been in my life forever, I would be a better person than I am now.