Self Centered

Mitchell - Riverside, California
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all humans act out of selfishness. No matter the instance a person will do the thing that benefits him or her the most. Often, it is not evident that the real beneficiary is actually the performer. He may not even realize he is acting selfish! For instance, passing out meals at a homeless shelter appears to be a very good deed. If you carefully study this act, however, you can see that it provides feelings of pride, self worth, and maybe even superiority in the “giver”. A simple white lie such as, “No, that outfit does not make you look fat!” is not simply spoken to spare the fat woman’s feelings. It is said only to spare the speaker from feeling guilty for hurting the poor female’s feelings.

Religious martyrs are a quite obvious group that proves my point. They appear to be giving their very lives as a selfless act for their god and their beliefs. In actuality, the presumed effects of this “selfless” act include not only extreme honor and respect for the martyr and his family, but also eternal life in heaven at the right hand of God. Could anything truly be more selfish?

Selfish acts are not all hidden. The day to day routine of all humans is entirely self-centered. The alarm clock is set for the morning with the presumption that a person will get up and have enough time to eat, which satisfies his hunger, bathe and dress, which meets his vanity needs, and get his kids off to school on time, which reinforces his belief that he is a good parent

The Selfish acts however do have a positive effect on society. Looking into the past we can see that people like Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln have greatly impacted the future by fulfilling their selfish needs, and the impact was in my opinion very positive. Freeing the slaves and giving African Americans equality has benefited millions of humans in America, regardless of why it happened. So I am just pointing out that although our acts tend to be of a selfish nature that does not withdraw the good from them..

As a matter of fact, even your humble author is only writing this paper for a purely selfish reason. It may appear to the innocent reader that I truly care about such matters, so you must be wondering why I am contributing this essay. For your information, this action, like everything else I do, is done purely for my own benefit. Even admitting this fact is rather freeing, and it makes me feel better about myself. I know this may be hard for many “givers” and “lovers” to swallow, but the truth is self evident, and that is why I believe that all humans act out of selfishness.