Holding Each-other Up

Kira - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My boyfriend and I are always talking and hanging out with friends. There are a few little things that get in between us. He gets jealous very easily and I feel like he doesn’t pay attention to how I am feeling. I try talking to him, but that doesn’t seem to help. I tell him something and he just doesn’t seem to get it. I guess I should expect that since he doesn’t comprehend things the way that I do.

Guys and girls have different mind sets; guys generally make things simpler for themselves (which is why they like to use the instructions with pictures). Girls make things more complicated, they make life more of a challenge for themselves and we have emotions that can go through the roof. Although, I still find guys to be very interesting because of their different mind set. They take the simplest thought, actually any thought, and make it perverted. I came into high school with a clean, non-perverted mind, but as soon as I met my boyfriend that all changed.

Ben has changed my life in many ways; one way is that he has supported me through many trials and challenges. When I was on the dive team, he came to many of the meets even though he didn’t know me for that long. He and I have been together for almost two years now. There have been quite a few bumps in the road, but we have gotten through them by talking and supporting each other. By sitting down and talking it out, along with discussing each others view points, we resolve the situation. We are complete opposites, but we can work well with each other because we give each-other support in whatever the other is doing. I support him during his swim season also. He has swim practice everyday which limits our time together and he has many swim meets that I attend. I also talk to him about his other interests and passion… Lord of the Rings. Ben loves Lord of the Rings; he has read the books at least sixteen times and he has watched the movies at least twenty. He is slightly obsessed, yes, but I am ok with that because it is his passion and I am going to support him even if I am not as into it as he is.

Support is one of the main things that people need to survive. Without support, we would never get anything done, and never be able to invent things like: the computer, TV, phone…etc. I am so happy that Ben could be in my life because he is a huge supporter of me, as I am to him. It all comes down to one thing whether it is sports, the arts, or interests; we all need support.

I believe in support.