Liver and Onions

Audrey - fontana, California
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Kids have always had a particular taste palette, consisting of anything sweet, chewy, meaty, or colorful, this does not include leafy vegetables or funny smelling food. When I was younger, I was no exception. So, why do parents feel the need to have children try new foods? At around age five, my mom had my taste buds down pretty well, and would find some way to disguise those leafy vegetables in my dinner, never giving me too many. When I discovered her camouflaged veggies I would, like any child complain until a compromise was reached. Without fail, it was always, “just one more bite, and you can leave the table.” I’d muster up the courage and swallow just one bite, so that I may leave the table and watch cartoons. This was my plan of attack for any new dish she concocted, using us as her guinea pigs.

One day, not even one more bite would get me to swallow the dinner she surprised me with at age seven. Liver and onions is an acquired taste, so why would anyone in their right minds give this to a picky eater, let alone a kid. This day my mom was not letting me get off easily. She said I had to eat every bite, adding that I was very fortunate to have dinner every night, while less fortunate children went without food most nights. At age seven, all I could think was that no kid, would eat this, and not how fortunate I was.

The smell alone could clear a room; it was the most god awful thing my nostrils had ever inhaled. An hour passed, and my plate was untouched, I had not even attempted to lift so much as my fork. Another half hour went by and my mom had become agitated with my remarks of how I felt like hurling, sitting this close to something so nasty.

Another thirty minutes had passed and my mom began threatening my television privileges if I did not try the horrific liver and onions. I told her I would rather starve, this comment sent her over the edge. Tears began streaming down my face as I lifted the smelly piece of liver to my lips, reluctantly shoving the forkful into my mouth. Apprehensively chewing, my stomach began to flip, making noises it should not. I knew what was coming and bolted for the restroom. Not caring if I ever watched T.V. again for the rest of my life, I announced, there was no way I was going to swallow any more of that. My mother left it at that, giving my remaining liver and onions to Bruno, the family dog, who did not touch it either by the way. I believe kids should not be forced into trying disgusting foods especially, liver and onions. If not even a dog will eat it, why should a seven year old?