Destiny and Chance

Athena - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in destiny and chance. No matter what you do or say to pull any situation in your persuasion the outcome will always be different. The choices we make could affect us in a later day. If I even think about someone who I may not even know. Somehow our paths are intertwined. It’s inevitable, they will be on my mind and the thought of possible conversations we could have had or the things we could have done together will run around and around forever plaguing me with the ‘Ifs’. But it doesn’t stop there. These bothersome questions may even influence our destinies to cross. Either one of us could come up and start up a random conversation. We could become friends or we could become enemies; we could have nothing in common or we could be life partners. The fact is that they will have become apart of each others lives in some way. Even small actions we subconsciously do will even have an affect on our lives. Showing any form of kindness to anyone could impact them in a huge way and you wouldn’t even notice it. They could use that action as a perfect example of human kindness in a speech, or maybe even continue the gesture to others. Maybe you could even save a persons life with just that simple task.

Everything happens for a reason. But I believe that the choices we make and the chances we take will influence the outcome of how it will play out in our lives. If I was to go out and party with my friends and not call my parents to let them know I was safe or that there was an adult there or when I coming home if I do, then the likelihood of me being grounded is pretty high along with not being able to go as many places or do as many things. If I forgot, I shouldn’t blame my self. If I had called, then I wouldn’t be grounded and I would probably have more freedom to do more things or go more places. I always try my best to think of all of possibilities or conclusions that may or may not happen if I do certain tasks. Just like the party scenario.

Unexpected things will always occur; we can’t try to weasel our way out of it. I believe that destiny brought that guy along with my friend when we had planned to go to the movies. I shouldn’t have given him a chance and got to know him. I should have just gone with my instincts and just went home that night. However, I didn’t. I gave him a chance because he was a friend of my best friend. Even when we hung out at the mall afterwards I still tried my best to keep my distance. When I was fifteen, a week before Thanksgiving, I was raped by that boy in what I thought was I safe place to be. I believe destiny planned that to happen too.

Word got out about what happened although I hadn’t said anything. This stupid situation had nearly wrecked my friendship. I was never check and he was expelled. Apparently someone else had called rape on him after this happened to me. Somehow the idea was that I was the one who called it. That I was the one saying what happened that night. I was forced to lie to keep people from harassing my friends and myself. I had to lie and say he just got frisky, that he hadn’t stayed the night there. I had to lie to keep my friend. I had to keep this all bottled up in a little ball to myself. Destiny can be a harsh ruler.

Two years has passed since then and I’m over what happened. Well at least for the most part. Now destiny for me has turned around. I am in a steady relationship with someone who loves me for who I am and protects me. My grades are decent, there’s barely any drama, and my friends are there for me whenever I need them. My parents still are unaware of what happened to me and I hope destiny will keep that away from them.

Taking chances and making choices about anything, be it something to say or do, or maybe even go out dancing with a random stranger, these things will always influence how yours or others destinies will play out in the end. This is why I believe that destiny and chance are real.