I am not ust another native

Neil - Covington, Washington
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Neil is a student at auburn senior high school and he is always thought of nothing because of his color. Because he is white and a Native American and people always think he is a drunk and snorted pill. Before and the truth is that I never snorted a pill but I did drunk and I don’t do that a lot cause my genetics. Say that I have a high percentage of being an Alcoholic. People expect me to wear shirts that fit and shoes that are cheap but I am a white crayon in a black crayon box.

This I believe I am someone different I am an albino Native American that knows how to work and that is hard to find on the reservations these days’ people of them live off of the casinos and live in the reservations. I don’t I live two cities away and the only think I rely on the reservations for is for my job because I work for what get and I bought a truck and is fixing it up. I know that I work because I put one thousand seven hundred dollars into it. I hate it when people talk about how alot of people think I am a Asian just because of my eyes and it is so annoying because I am Alaskan and I got eyes like my grandma but they don’t see that they see a Asian.

Most people know im a native American cause the way I talk I like doing nasty jokes cause the boring ones I don’t like what the principle does in the morning on the intercom cause they are so annoying. I like how I get a voucher for clothes and it is only like three hundred dollars but it is better than nothing. I don’t want to pay my work check on clothes cause I really wouldn’t spend that much on clothes I would rather fix my truck up. I see a lot of natives go down the wrong path get drunk a lot and not look for a job but mooch off their family. I am not one of them I work for what I got and my truck is proof I am the youngest of four out of my brothers and sisters I got a mom that is single and supports us and I got dad that drinks by himself every weekend.

Most people think that I can’t get a truck because I am a Native American. Or that I can only get a beat down truck that is a rez car that has different color doors and beer cans in it on the ground and mc Donald’s bags all over. But my truck is different just like me it is clean and it runs good. And that is how I proved people wrong that I am not just another native on the reservation. But I am different I am one of the few that chose to follow his native American path to going shit that is right not act like I don’t got a home and stuff or I would steal from family just to get a high for a day. And that is what I believe I am not just another native American I am with my spirit physically and