Karma is God’s Way of Balancing Life

Jillian - DeSoto, Missouri
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Karma is God’s Way of Balancing Life

I believe that karma is God’s way of balancing life. I believe this because it seems that since the beginning of time God has asked for something to be done, and when it was ignored there was punishment. Karma is just like consequence; as in for any action we do there is either a positive or negative reaction. Life is filled with many mysteries and wonders. A lot of people actually question the meaning of God’s will. I’m sure that at some point in time you’ve heard the saying, “God has a plan for all,” well I strongly agree with this statement, and although some things can happen that I don’t like, I always remember that saying, and things will be better. God’s plan doesn’t always include punishment, but if you do something wrong, you know is wrong, then you know to be careful. Everyone makes mistakes, and some mistakes can’t be fixed. The things we do and say can and sometimes will come back to hurt us.

My dog recently died, and my mom’s friend mocked my mom’s feelings by playing with her dog while by mom was grieving. Exactly, two months after my dog died, that very friend dog also died. Can you say karma? She upset my mom and now she fully can understand why my mom was so upset. A lot of times people will say or do things that can upset or offend others. People have taken their own lives, because of the things people say. It’s sad to say that part of the human nature is to do instead of think. In fact, most of us at some point will say or do something to upset someone else. Some of the things we’ll say may even come back to us in the end.

Karma is the counterbalance of life. It can be a positive force or a negative force. It can give as well as take. You should always think about how your actions effect others, as well as yourself. We can decide what we need to do to better ourselves, but we must also be sure it acknowledges others when they need help in life. There have been many stories about those who ignore the needy, and end up being the needy in the end. Like with the story where the rich woman throws a gold ring into the sea, and tells this beggar woman that she’ll never be poor like her, just as the ring could never return from the sea. Shortly, after the beggar woman dies, the rich lady has a big dinner, and inside the main course, a fish, there is her gold ring. In the end of the story the lady dies an old beggar woman.

Throughout history there has been proof to my belief. People’s lives can change; just as quickly as a calm day can become a stormy day. So, be careful with you actions and your words, because you never know if they can come back to get you.