This I Believe

Kameron - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Since I was 3 years old, I believed in a man with a blue jumpsuit, red shirt, brown shoes, and his signature red cap. Over the years, this man has tumbled enemies, saved princesses, and had parties. From fighting turtle-like enemies, to traveling to the outer reaches of space, he has done many heroic and great deeds far and wide. This man, who I believe in, is no other than Mario.

When I was young, I often saw my older siblings “play on the TV”. I thought it was strange, but the more I saw them do it, I got a better understanding. It was called a “video game”. I loved the adventures they would have. From fighting dinosaurs, to racing on racing tracks, it always excited me. However, there was one I particularly loved. He wore a red hat, and always saved someone. I still believe in Mario.

As I got older, I began “helping him” in his quests. I helped him fight goombas and troopas, gain coins, and find a dinosaur companion. I was amazed how one man was capable of doing all these things. It seemed natural in my eyes; after all I was about 3 to 4 years old. I still believe in Mario.

Once I reached 6 or 7, I learned a lot from this mysterious person. First, of all, I learned his name was Mario. He was a character invented by a company, or organization, as I called it called Nintendo. I learned he had a brother, named Luigi, and the princess named Peach. I learned the evil Koopa’s name was Bowser. I discovered all the wonders of the Mushroom Kingdom. I still believed in Mario.

At 12, I figured out Mario was more than a small toy in a large box. He was worldwide famous. He is a cultural impact in millions of gamers’ lives. He had a movie, 2 television shows, a soundtrack, and more. He even had parades in his honor, as if the entire universe knew who he was. I still believe in Mario.

In all, from my small age of 3, to the now age of 13, I still believe in Mario. His impact to society has become a figure in millions of peoples’ lives, not only gamers, but even non gamers. Mario is one of the most famous characters not only in the video game world, but the world period. I still believe in Mario.