gavin - dublin, Ireland
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: atheism

I believe in no God i behave morally because its right not by force or scare tactics,i am open to both sides of an argument and would become a theist if it was proved to an acceptable level faith is not enough.I do request for any theist or agnostic to look over the arguments presented by both sides in the arguments the origin of species and the origin of the universe with an open mind forget your prejudice.Also would all theists ask yourself why your deity (god) why not any other deity or god why is yours different then ask were you brought up in a society or family where your religion is dominant?,If so ask yourself what do i think not what have my parents or school system told me.Truth is there is a level of atheist oppression in schools with mandatory masses i was forced to sit and when i “came out” and admitted i was god less most people said no you were christened your catholic, to that i would reply like i had a choice as a baby they would just say well he believes in you.These phrases are things most atheists will hear.