I believe in Faith

Lauren - Clayton, Georgia
Entered on November 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13) I am a child of God. I believe that He can do wonderful things and even miracles as long as we are a believer!

Through out our lives we come upon many challenges that man alone could not over come with out the help the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyday people are diagnosed with cancer, heart failure, brain tumors and so much more that not even the best doctors or surgeons could cure. When the doctor comes in and says that you only have a little time left until it is your time to go, you go into shock and panic. With faith in God, He can help you get through your illness and maybe even cure you of it.

Miracles happen every day! God knows when people need some special attention or encouragement that one person can not give to another. God sends little messages from above showing that He will take care of us! He does wonders if we just have faith in Him.

When I was born I had two holes in my heart. I was not a premature baby, I was just a small and before the age of one I had reached the failure to thrive. My parents went through a lot in those first few months as I was the first child that was born and they did not know how to deal with such. Days and nights went by and all my family could do was pray that I would be healed. Each and every one of them knew that only God could do that. At a year old I had open heart surgery and with the Lord’s help I would be healed.

At the age of twelve I had another heart problem. My heart just started racing really fast and pounding like a hammer on a nail. I went to the doctor and he said that I needed yet another surgery in order for me to live. A muscle bundle had formed from scar tissue from the first surgery and if it was not cut out it would have eventually blocked the blood and air flow and I would have died. Most people think that when problems occur, they think that it is God’s way of punishing them, but they are wrong. It is the times when we struggle that we need to stay with God the most. Talk to him about your problems and he will help you! My family yet again stayed with God and I was healed for a second time.

Nobody is perfect! Everyone will make mistakes and every one of us will sin. The Lord knows that. He sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins, so that if we are a firm believer in him, we will have eternal life in heaven. Having faith in God and being a child of God are two different things. Everyone is a child of God but only the ones who believe will live eternally with Him.

Only through God is it that we can make it through the toughest obstacles in life. The Bible states that if we have faith as tiny as a mustard seed, then we could move mountains. Having faith in the Lord will determine where you go when you die. With prayer and a little faith all things are possible!