Faith is a choice

Jeremy - fort collins, Colorado
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that faith is a choice and no one can force me into his or her beliefs. I am a Christian and when I was in second grade they tried to educate me on the theory of evolution and about the many Greek gods and goddesses. I thought differently. I had also been taught about how God had created the world and the universe, and that he is the one way into heaven, not by being a good person or attending church every week. All I have to do is believe. This is why I choose to believe Christianity because the other beliefs, such as Buddhism or the ancient gods, just didn’t add up. I attend our church’s youth group where we have fun and talk about God and our beliefs. This is a much different environment than at school where we are not able to talk about our religion as a fact, just a way of thought. This doesn’t stop us from talking though. In my art class there are 2 Mormons at my table and they frequently talk about their beliefs. We have discussions about our beliefs. But I don’t tell them what to believe or that they believe something that is not true and they don’t tell me that my beliefs are wrong because we all have our own beliefs. But it’s how they see life not how I do. I was taught about many religions but the one I chose is Christianity, not what others want me to believe. So I can say that I believe in Christianity without being told that I believe in the wrong god and that I have to follow their ways. If I wanted to though, I could, but they can not force me to do as they do or think like they do.