The Power of a Book

Julia - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Late on a winter night, with snow was falling outside, I was lying in my bed, under my warm covers, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a book in the other; the perfect night. My books, my best friends, have often saved a bad day and often helped me to get to know more people, since they contain such great topics to talk about, full of information and opinions to be shared.

I am often impressed at how some pieces of paper glued together can speak to me. When I’m in a really bad situation, I tend to forget that other people have gone through similar things as the one I’m going at the moment. Reading a book about people, even imaginary people, who face situations similar to mine, always bring my spirits up. As I wonder how they managed the situation, I start to think about all the things I can do to solve my problem. Perhaps I could do as they did it, or maybe I could find a better solution than the one they showed. Reading makes my problems seem easier than they seemed just a while ago, and they show me that I too can overcome it.

I believe books can convey a great story and transmit a powerful message; I think they are one of the best inventions men ever created. Books are really great because they have words that touch me, help me, teach me, relate to me, and much more. Reading fiction books helps me relax and brightens my mood, reading school textbooks teaches me things I would never learn elsewhere, reading magazines or newspapers updates me to what is happening in the world around me, and reading the Bible study book helps me understand my religion better and deepens my faith. A book tells me the story of someone I have never met; it guides me through simple homework, problems in life or delicate decisions that may change my life forever. I often surprise myself with what I learn from books. By seeing someone conquer a problem, I learn from their mistakes and decisions; it’s like I lived and grew with them while they faced it.

Every book tells me something different with a different opinion and in a different way. They are like people: unique. Meeting new people is something all humans need to do at some point of their lives. Some spend their whole lives doing it, some meet enough people when they are little and spend the rest of their lives with them. We all do it at some point. Reading is often about meeting new people for me, people who go through interesting or impossible situations and still come out ok, most of the time. Reading is about exploring life from someone else’s point of view and experiences. I love reading because it is one of the most mind-freeing things I could possibly do, because my mind is the most powerful tool I have in life.

I believe in books. I believe books can help me learn about things I would never know if not by reading. I believe in the power a book has, because it can say anything and everything: all that is in our powerful human minds written down in paper for everyone to see and learn from it, including me.