Hardwork and Prayers Makes the Difference

Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Hardwork and Prayers Makes the Difference.

I remember quite vividly those days when I was still in my country Nigeria. I was married to my husband then, but he was over here in America. He had filed all the necessary papers to have me come over, but it seems to linger forever. I later figured that, it is a general believe here that most brides from the 3rd world countries are “mail order brides” who are brought over here to become sexual slaves.

So, a background check has to be done for any bride coming to America from any 3rd world country to make sure she was actually married according to tradition. I and my family began to pray that whatever it was that must be done, let it come out right without any further delay. I employed both the church members and the pastor to pray with me because I believe the book of Isaiah that says “the heart of the king is in God’s hand and the like rivers of waters he turns it withersoever he wishes”.

I spent just one year after I was married before I joined my husband here. Just one year? someone might ask, yes! This is because my cousin living in New Jersey now stayed five years in Nigeria before she could join her husband.

I had to have a 12cm fibroid tumor removed before I could get pregnant. I was warned that I have the risks of either tearing the incision on my womb during pregnancy or face complications from the cesarean sections I would be having for every pregnancy. So, each time I get pregnant, I pray that God will make it successful. Obviously, I receive answers to these prayers. I can confirm this by the two great kids I now have and by how fast I recover after each cesarean section I have had to the amazement of my friends and even the doctor. An aunt had her womb removed due to complications from cesarean section. It can get this bad, but God has always been there for me.

I recently sat for pharmacy technician certification board exam. I studied hard for this exam but I did not fail to pray to God for success because, I believe the book of Proverbs that says “though the horses are prepared for the day of the battle, victory is of the lord”. Before I took this PTCB exam, I asked my pastor here to pray with me. Have you studied? He asked, yes, I answered. I was overjoyed to know that someone else, my pastor, also share this belief that prayers, coupled with hardwork makes the difference. The result of this exam is out now and I came out with flying colors.

This I believe. It guided me in the past, it has been guiding me presently and it will be guiding me in the future.