Pushing Through the Heartaches

Brianna - Clayton, Georgia
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In life there are moments that make you want to give up and quit. Nothing seems to be going the right way, and everything you do is wrong. Then you get through those times, and you realize that you are a stronger person from having to face that trial that life threw in your face. You learn that life’s struggles are what make you who you are.

Everyone always tells you that it will get easier, just keep pushing. They fail to mention that fact that it usually gets harder before it gets easier. It’s not what you make out of the easy times; it’s how you handle the hard times. All the heartaches and times that you failed will stay with you forever; they will be the experiences you remember most throughout your life. The failure, and shattered dreams are what shape you. Many people look at difficult times in their life and wonder how this could happen to me. Instead we need to embrace them and take them for what they are. Not everything is meant to destroy us, some things may seem that way until you realize that without that obstacle you may not have been able to face the next big event in your life.

Difficult times prepare us for what is to come. Heartaches are like stairs, at first they are easy and you can handle them, but the more you climb, the harder they get. They build on one another to push us to a level that we don’t think we can manage. I know in my life, it seems like every day something else gets thrown at me, trying to knock me back down. It has taken me a long time to figure out that these struggles I go through, and all the heartaches I face, will make me a better person. They were put in my life to push me to reach something I never thought I could achieve. None of it is easy, but if it were easy, it wouldn’t be much of a struggle.

The difficult times define us. They make us into a person we never thought we were capable of being. Life’s obstacles will tear us down, just to build us up. At the time they will seem like there is no way to get through them, but we have to continue to fight through those times. It’s the times in life when you feel like quitting, but you push through, that make you stronger.