Proud to be an American?

Christopher - Matthews, North Carolina
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have never been proud to be an American. I’ve heard people talk about it, i’ve heard country musicians sing corny songs about it, i’ve heard war veterans tell stories about it. As a matter of fact, i would have to say for the majority of my “mature” years of my life, i’ve actually been rather disguisted to be an American. After all, what have we done as a nation? Started wars? Dropped the first Nuke? Imposed sanctions on counties who don’t agree with us? Watched countries starve and go through genocide while we sip our lattes and surf the internet at starbucks?

A couple of my friends went to Amsterdam a few years ago. They often pretended when they were in public that they weren’t Americans by disguising their voices to sound Canadian or of some other nationality. The reason for this is a fear that they would be subjected to violence or prejudice, due to the fact that they are members of “the bully” country on the great planet Earth. Just think about that for a minute…Your so ashamed to be an American, you actually disguise your voice and pretend to be Canadian (?!) so you don’t have any trouble abroad.

I can’t say i wouldn’t have done the same exact thing. In fact, if i was abroad right now, i would probably still do the same thing. But maybe the tide is changing. Maybe we are ready to not hide the fact that we are Americans anymore.

With the recent election of President Elect Barack Obama, the United States of America has become a place of extreme pride. We have finally run the gauntlet and thrown off the shackles of oppresion that have haunted us for over 200 years. There is no more excuses for anyone in this country. Anyone can officially do anything if they put their minds to it.

It’s funny how such a simple thing as a changing of the guard can have such a magnificent impact throughout the entire world. Now that George Bush is set to be officially fired in 10 weeks, it seems forgiveness its already on it’s way from the international community. It’s as if the US can now say, “Look, were sorry, we messed up, and then we messed up again, but it looks like this time we got it right.” Perhaps in some twisted way George W. Bush was a blessing in disguise. I would think that the foul taste he has left in every American’s mouth, both Republican and Democrat alike over the last 8 years has caused some extreme measures to be taken. Consider this. 10 years ago if you asked an American if they thought that this country was ready to have a black president most would of laughed. They may have thought that we were ready for a black president, but it still wouldn’t happen in 100 years. The deaths of tens of thousands of people have all fallen on the back of one man, old George. The economy has been completely destroyed to the tune of nearly 1 trillion dollars in a matter of 8 years. When Bill Clinton left office America had a very large surplus. This is a well known fact among most people but the point i’m trying to make is that George Bush has set this country to a war that is not possible to win, has made a fool out of us to all our allies and enemies alike, has sent thousands of soldiers to early graves, has sent thousands of muslims to early graves, has indebted our country to places such as China for the forseeable future, made a shallow mockery of our Constitution, and basically ruined our great country. How could one be proud to be an American, with a man like this leading us?

How could he POSSIBLY be a blessing in disugise?

Because, the night is always at its darkest before the sun comes up. America could not have possibly elected an African American to office without such horrible things being commited by Bush and his administration. Had he not taken it so ridiculously far you can believe that the democratic national convention would of ended with a typical white guy with a pulse and some credentials. In fact, they took quite a risk, because the truth is, they COULD have thrown any white guy with a pulse in to this race and he would of won by a landslide. But that would not of worked. Now is not the time for the same old people. America needs big change, and it needs it now. This is how George Bush has single handedly inadvertently gotten the first black man to be elected to President.

For the first time in 8 years, i would like to say it…Thank you George Bush. You have made me proud to be an American.