The reciepe of Success

Henggao - Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I was reading the Book;, Peak Performance for sports by Edward Tseng. Ed Tseng is a tennis pro and motivational speaker and when I read his book, I had a belief. My belief is work hard and never give up.

I grew in New Jersey, but was born in China. China has a education system that forces students to work hard by having a ten hour school. I feel that was wrong, because they work too hard. I enjoy the American public school system because they have 7 hours and the rest of the afternoon they let the kids have a life.

It goes with my two beliefs, working hard and enjoying life.

In America , they teach kids to follow your dreams and dream occupations. I said that I wanted to be an Architect and I followed that dream. This dream or goal led me to work hard. This goal led me made me work harder and helped me create a stronger mindset.

In China , they have kids that have goals or dreams , but they get too busy to actually think about dreams. The students parents or grandparents in china want to do it for the country because they think it is an honor. Currently, these kids just want to work hard due to pressure by the school to work in western nations like the United States.

Whether it is honor, duty, school,work, or even families, they can create pressure for people to work hard. This pressure is good, but some kids thinks it’s bad. We all need to have a dream for us to follow. Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you would land among the stars. I also believed that following a dream is something to work hard for. If you don’t have a dream then you just wasted your schooltime. Schoolis about building a foundation for your future careers. If you have no dreams, no fture career thoughts, then why do you think we have to go to school.