I Believe Friends Are Important

Seihak - Los Angeles, California
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My best friend is a bear and I am his cub. What did my friends do for me? Why do I need them so much?

I believe friends are important in my life because they encourage me to do a lot of good deeds. They support me in many different ways. Also they are always there for me when I have problems and or when I’m feeling down. My friends support me more than my family members. They make me not do bad things. Such as, gangbang, smoke weed, or get in fights unless needed. Whenever I’m super down, my friends always cheer me up.

A couple of months ago some guy and his friends were talking trash to me. Well not talking trash more like gangbanging on me. Then my friends came and they asked “what’s the problem here?” WE all fought, it was a four on four fights. We fought for the stupidest reason ever!! They thought that we gangbang. That’s one reason why friends are important to me. They’re always there for me.

My friends always encourage me to do stuff, never anything bad. For example, my friends made me come here, to L.A.T.T.C. They made me come here to graduate early and get better grades. Right now I am trying to achieve it and I’m doing pretty well in school. I’m trying to achieve this to satisfy myself as well as my friends. That’s how much they care about my future and me. If I fail at this achievement I will disappoint them so much and it would make me feel really bad.

I need friends to make a good Basketball team. Without friends the team would probably, most likely argue a lot. My friends support me when I play games, whether it’s video or sports games. A lot of times my friends joke around to support me. It makes the game way more fun and exciting. If my team were losing the game and my team wanted to quit. I wouldn’t let them. Why? Because my friends said “never give up, because the last point or last shot counts”. I feel this quote is true. The other team could get tired and we could be so pumped up that we start making every shot we shoot. Then we start winning. This I believe.