I believe in life lived Independently

Colin - ada, Michigan
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I simply believe that life should be lived independently. The world now a days has become dependent on everything. From the work place and in school many people have

lost independency and now rely on others to accomplish their own problems. Many of

these problems are often small therefore able to be tossed aside or quickly passed through but

when these problems escalate beyond the usual then who can help now? These major problems

need to be dealt with and by you, no one else. So I learned to be independent because I feared if I

became dependent on others and other sources, I than couldn’t even fend for myself.

Embarrassing? Extremely. So I have learned to live independently in order to help hurdle over

my “own” problems.

Now how many times in high school does a student ask for a homework assignment

that he has forgotten to do? So he quickly panics realizing that the assignment is due next

hour. He now begins to beg and beg until he finally receive the assignment from another student

but now he has to copy it quickly, very quickly. So he hands the assignment in and moves on

with his hectic, monotonous life. Now I can attest to doing this same exact thing. I don’t feel

ecstatic for achieving a record of the fastest assignment copier but rather I feel ashamed even

guilty when I rely on others. I hate knowing that I need others in order to excel in life. I know,

okay that sometimes it will be reasonable and maybe even understandable but never, not ever,

always. So I have learned to be my own source, I will excel through my life based on my own

skills in order to achieve my own goals. I know I will become stronger and be able to conquer

more personal obstacles that will face me because, simply, of the fact that I live independently.

You. Yes, You. You are the one who is best quipped to help yourself. It took me awhile to figure this out but since realizing this I have felt the struggles of my own life. I now feel my problems personally. Some struggles I will admit are hard to pass by. Tough, yet these struggles, problems, and hurdles in my life are what makes me who I am. I can’t pass these problems onto others. I need to feel these pains that arise and arrive with my struggles, not because I want to but because if I don’t, I will lose a part of myself. I’m not whole unless I live as I believe. I simply believe that life should be lived independently.