A Smile Through Tears

Amber - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The name Jonus means God’s gift, and my one-year-old nephew is exactly that. He was born completely purple. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck three times. He lived through that only to fall on his head when he was five weeks old. Firemen rushed him to the ER, and they found he had broken his skull. The doctors told my sister they didn’t think Jonus would survive the night. That night Jonus died six times and the wonderful staff at the hospital brought him back each time. He lived through the night and they said his chances for survival were extremely slim. Over the next few days the doctors preformed several surgeries. He stayed in the hospital for over a month and all the doctors said he was such a fighter. All the nurses said they never saw a smile like his. He got to come home, but his drama didn’t stop there. He continued having seizers and was on many medications that messed with his emotions and made him sleepy all the time. The doctors said that he would have long lasting side effects are most like Serial Palsies. Jonus has been through so much stuff already in his young life and handled it all without whining and complaining, and that’s why he’s my hero.

I believe in the power of a smile through tears. No one can be truly happy unless the have known sadness or pain. How can you have one without the other? If you know only happiness, then what do you have to compare it to? Happiness becomes normal and you tend to take it for granted

Jonus lived through his long drawn out ordeal and is still fighting to catch up to his twin brother, Aiden’s mental state. My heart breaks in half every time I see his brother running at me and then look over to see Jonus, struggling to scoot on his butt after Aiden. But the reason Jonus is my hero is that even though he has been through all this pain, yet he still smiles more than any other person I have ever met. When he smiles, he lights up the room. I have never seen anyone so happy. He smiles so much, Aiden hardly smiles and he’s not had nearly as many hard times as Jonus. No matter what mood I’m in as I enter the dark gloomy house, and I see Jonus just sitting there, trying to understand how his toy works while Aiden is playing with his much more complex toy. Your heart breaks, and then Jonus looks up at you, sees you, and smiles, lighting up the room. His laugh is infectious. He starts laughing un-controllably and I can’t help but joining right in and I wonder how he can be so happy. If I had gone through all the things he did, I don’t think I could be that joyful about life. He is just so happy to be alive, when others would be angry at the world. He is so uplifting. You can be having the worse possible day ever, but one smile from Jonus and you remember you don’t have it to bad.

He is what I want to be in life. I want to be happy with what I am given, and when hard times come around, I must remember I will get through this. I must always remind myself of the joys in life. If my one-year-old nephew can do it, than I think I can too. Remember that the most powerful smile is on the same face as a tear.