The “C” Word

Josh - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

Change has become a hot topic word this year. Both Presidential candidates reference it when describing how his White House will be different from the last. Outside of politics, change can be a word that is overlooked. Each day is a unique experience. Circumstances and emotions can fluctuate from positive to negative in an instant and vice versa. Change, to me, means reinventing or improving upon some task because change is the price of progress. I believe in adjusting to meet the tasks of today.

I like to use change as a motivator. When I get a test back and the grade I received was not what I wanted, then I figure out what my mistakes were and correct them. This is one way to prevent me from making the same mistakes twice. I can also learn something new from this mistake that is applicable to a different area.

When a new event transpires, it can be met with hostility. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s was a watershed moment in American history. Martin Luther King Jr. was considered a radical for his ideas about racial equality. This is one instance in which significant progress was made, but at the time, this change seemed unorthodox.

Change will not always be helpful. It can be ineffective or completely useless if it does not serve a clear purpose. If I wanted to eat healthier and decided to switch my diet from Big Macs to Whoppers, would it have a significant affect on my health? No, it would not. Purpose plays a role in deciding if changing a certain area will be helpful or not.

Literature is one area in which change is engrossed. A dynamic character is someone who undergoes a change throughout the course of a book. In the novels, Lord of the Rings, the protagonist Frodo endures a number of life threatening events. Throughout the book, his character evolves from an average every day type of person to a full-fledged hero. Frodo’s evolution as a character can be compared to human development.

The beliefs of a child can differ drastically from the beliefs of an adult. Time and knowledge are primarily accountable for these changes. Time will always run its course naturally, but knowledge is harder to come across. That is why education is so pivotal to human development. Learning about different ideas is linked with growth and subsequently change.

Change is the price of progress. This is the overarching theme I get when I think about change. History and literature both testify to this truth. When a nation chooses to differentiate itself from the rest she is taking a large risk. Taking a new course in an uncharted area can cause growing pains, and leadership is often blamed. In literature, characters that evolve and learn something meaningful throughout a story are often some of the most memorable. I believe that by trying to learn more I have a better chance to discover new ideas about myself and my beliefs, and this will lead to progress in my life.