This I believe that racial profiling

gilbert - la, California
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: race

I believe that racial profiling is wrong have you been treated different because the way you look or dress. Racial profiling is a big, people judge someone by the way they dress or look. Police officers are the main people to racial profile. I live in south central and I seen people being harass and man handle rough by police.

When I first got stop by the police I was pretty nervous I didn’t know what I did they said some lady got robbed and report it also the robber looked like me because the lady gave them how he looked . When the police think you are lying to them they get pissed but it’s just that the police would make anyone nervous even if u didn’t do anything wrong. I was standing waiting for the bus minding my own business when I see a cop car parks in front of me I think it’s not for me because I didn’t do anything wrong but the police officers were yelling at me telling me to walk over where they were. They didn’t tell me nothing one of them just hand cuff me and put me in the back of squad car I was nervous and scared that I might go jail. They was talking to each others one of them was asking me question my heart was beating hard and my wrist were hurting, the cuffs were really tight on me, I was telling them that it wasn’t me, they kept me waiting for a good while and the bus I was supposed to take past twice . They thought I was lying to them after a while they took me out of the car and were being rough with me and pushing me , pulling my shirt up to head showing my chest telling me where I am from which gang I am from also raising my shorts looking for tattoos. People around me were looking at me I felt embarrassed because they might think I am a criminal and family in cars just staring at me. When I gave my name to them, they checked it and found that I was clean that I didn’t have any tickets or warrants for my arrest. They uncuff me and let me go, they didn’t even apologize to me for mistaking me for some else. This is what I believe racial profiling is wrong.