Hector - Los Angeles
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in individualism. It’s the process that any individual no matter what background, ethnicity, or if they live in poverty has the power to be successful in life. I believe in the idea of individualism because I have to. I have to believe their s a better life for me outside the city streets where my closest friends have past away. It’s vital for me to believe in something that is going to leave me in a more prosperous future. I believe individualism because I believe in America. I believe in the America dream, that anyone can become someone significant in society. I also believe in individualism because my parents came to this particular country looking for a better life for themselves, and their children. I truly believe that if you put enough effort into your work, and school that you could become what ever you what to become in life. I heard of many real life Americas stories in which people coming from the very bottom to reaching the top, and owning their own business and making progress in their field of work. I pretty much believe in individualism because I am optimistic that good fortunate’s will come my way if I strive for success. My parents came here in a search for a more adequate life for their children so I guess I have to meet them half-way, and do well in school so that I can get a career that pays a decent amount of money. I hope that one day my children will surpass me in the field of education because every generation should be better off than the last one, so that society can not only become wealthier but richer in amore profound sense. I hope that day my belief will become reality. Then I would have the honor of helping out my community by donating time and money to help them prosper in their community.