A Rescued Soul

Jennifer - Ft Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

His name was Gavin. He was five years old. He wore old, used clothing. He was picked on by the other kids. He cried all the time. He sat alone during class. And? He changed my life. Her name was Michelle. She was five as well. Cute. Innocent. Piggy-Tailed. Pretty much your run-of-the-mill kindergartener. At least, that’s what all of the kids in my class thought. I sat next to her all day long. I was her friend, and I was unprepared for the change in her.

A Soul is a strong flame, kindled with love and compassion. It is easily put out, dampened by the actions, feelings, and words of others, until it is a mere shadow of its former self. But there is always a way to re-ignite the coals. This, I believe.

I saw it myself. Gavin, an unfortunate lost and lonely soul, rescued. I watched, amazed, as, one day, Michelle stood up in the middle of class. She walked over to two boys, who were bending rulers over backwards and flicking them at Gavin. She gave them “the stare.” It was that stare that makes you want to shrivel up on the inside, or slide into the floor and never be seen again.

Michelle convinced us all that Gavin was a someone, not a something. Not only that, but he was someone to be loved, and cared about. We all joined her side. I am not ashamed to say I was one of the last ones to join Michelle. He was weird. He was different. It’s human nature, isn’t it? I thought all Michelle’s ideas were totally improbable.

Eventually, I went with Michelle, and the rest of our kindergarten class. We all walked over to Gavin’s corner. “Hi,” said Michelle. She was suddenly really nervous. A boy bumped her from behind. She held her hand out to Gavin, and smiled. He took it, and stood. My jaw nearly dropped.

He was a rescued soul. Thanks to Michelle and Gavin, I learned something very important. A person is a person. Sometimes, though, they need a little help to get their soul and hopes up. They need love and compassion.

Gavin grew into an amazing person. He began to sit with, talk like, and play with the other boys. I don’t think he became cookie-cutter, but he did become similar. However, he was unique. No one cared about his past. Why? Because we had all learned that people can always be rescued from darkness. This, I believe.