Be Careful What You Wish For

Sally - Claremont, California
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Screeech…crash… silence. Somewhere between 9:30 and midnight, I was laying

down trying to fall asleep but all I could think about was how it may have sounded. I’ll never forget that morning on September 11, 2007. Everything unchanged, until I received a text message that would change my entire day. “Did you hear?” Sarah wrote. “Hear what?” I wondered. “Oh. I’m sorry.. I cant be the one to tell you“. My friend Kristina came into my class, sadness in her eyes. I knew that she was about to tell me what Sarah could not.

“Sally he’s gone.. Matt was killed in an accident last night”. That moment, my heart had a reason to cry like everyone else’s. Kristina took me to the counseling center

where many others were trying to cope. I felt awkward because everyone was sitting in the room crying and writing letters but I couldn‘t do anything but stare at the wall.

Matthew Lee Smalls, was my first “love“. I met him at my junior high in seventh grade. Its difficult thinking you’re in love when you’re so young. I was thirteen and I thought that we had the perfect relationship. He was my safe zone so no matter what happened, I’d always take him back.

Matt and I had some problems throughout the 8 months we were dating and it caused a huge gap between us. Sadly, we stopped talking for a very long time. Two years later, we began talking again. However, yet again, I told him “I’m sorry Matt, I cant talk to you anymore, I’d like to just forget about you and I’d appreciate if you’d do the Same” . He turned my perfect life into a downward spiral to hell. Sad to say, I wished he was dead.

When I got the news that Matt had passed away all I thought was be careful what you wish for. I just wanted him to leave me alone, but why couldn’t I just forgive and forget. I only hope that he is up there in peace singing with the angels. I believe that if you love someone, always let them know. Life is too fragile and can be stolen from you at any given moment. There is no room in life for hate. So love everyone you come across because before you know it, an opportunity could have come and went right before your eyes.