Reality Of My Life

Matthew - Issaquah, Washington
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Reality of My Life

When I was asked to write a paper on what I believe in (or my personal philosophy), I figured out it was a more complex subject than I realized. I ended up saying that my philosophy on life is that we should live by reality. Reality in my mind is the facts and truth in the world.

Facts are important because they give us boundaries in life. These aspects of reality lets you see that not everything is possible, and can help you define what you are going to do in life. It’s not that you can’t try to pursue dream in life or follow your passion, it’s just not likely to happen unless you’re spectacular at it. For instance, you could pursue a job in life as a sports player, but reality shows us that physical ability and what is actually achievable in life makes this goal a lot harder. I believe that later in life, reality will help me find what I’m going to do. The facts help me see what I’m good at and what I a have a passion for and that will guide my future. Right now though, I will not be able to tell what I will be doing later in life until I see my reality.

I also value the truth because it is based on facts. The truth is a good way to show people what is true in life. People who live their life as a lie and are dishonest never come out as the person on top in life. Even if they get success over a truthful person, their conscience still has the burden of lying and it will come back to haunt them someday. The truth can help everyone make the right decisions and help you see if what you are doing is right. It makes our mind have limitations and boundaries. These right decisions are based on if they help others more than yourself. At home, I use the truth all the time because it makes me feel like a good person. I tell the truth if I made a horrible decision because the consequence is far less than that if I was to lie. In following the truth and being truthful, I believe that I will go to heaven.

This is my personal philosophy and though people may have different beliefs on life, it is still true that I base my live by reality. In the end of it all, I believe that reality is what drives us and makes us who we are today, and all we have to do is see it.