Chain Reaction of Kindness

Rachael - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In our world now, people believe that the world is born evil. That no one cares, but I believe that this world is not bad and neither are the people in it. There are only people who are confused and think the only way to get out of their misery is to steal, kill, or just brake the law. If one person could just step up for humanity and share a speck of kindness, our world could be different. I believe in a chain reaction of kindness.

Just a while ago, at Kinard Jr. High school, we had an assembly. Not knowing what it was about or how many students would end up crying didn’t get me too pumped up for it. But coming in the auditorium, looking at the scrambled students and there puzzled faces beyond me, made me wonder about this assembly. As I sat on the shaking red bleachers, five rows from the ground, I peered at a large square screen in the dead center of the gym, there, bright and big, was the title of the presentation and it said, RACHEL SCOTT- shooting at Columbine High School. Finishing this sentence I felt shivers run up my spine all the way up my head, shaking it so I could not sit still. I could remember this day like the first time I learned to ride my bike without any training wheels. The Tragic day when thirteen Columbine Students were shot and killed by two of their own classmates. After replaying moments in my head I looked away from the screen and down to a young man at least in his twenties. His name was Craig Scott and he came to talk to us about the shooting. But the one thing he was setting the mood on was his sister, Rachel Scott. She was supposable the first student to get shot at the Columbine Shooting and was the most special one to me personally. He talked about how Rachel believed in a chain Reaction. But instead of her chain reaction being of hatred and killing like the two killers at columbine it was a chain reaction of kindness similar to mine. Craig was telling us stories of Rachel before the shooting, on how she new she was going to die at a young age but didn’t care because she knew it would be her time and the time when she stuck up for these two students at her school because they didn’t have the guts to themselves. But also how she never cared about popularity like her brother just caring for others is all she truly cared about. After the many stories he had of Rachel to share he finally got to the day of the shooting. How his beloved sister and many friends died on one day and one tragic moment. As I could feel one tear leak out of my eyelid I new I couldn’t hold them back any longer. I took a big breath and let the tears fall down my cheek and onto the steps below me. I looked on both sides of me and peered at each individual in the stands and noticed I wasn’t the only one sharing my sad emotions. Almost every student in the stands had one tear fall from their face finally realizing what has been going on in our tragic world. But it ran through my head over and over again like a record player. Why her? Why the girl who understood you, who could even help you? But then I finally realized, this is what Rachel wanted, for her dream to be shared around the world. To start a chain Reaction of kindness and now her brother is fulfilling her dream. Shocked at this presentation, I looked around the room once more and saw many other shocked faces, mostly of surprise though. No one knew that they were going to cry that day, no one new they would learn a lesson of kindness today but knowing that they did, they treated each other with kindness as well. As my last tear fell from my face I realized if everyone could act like Rachel, our world wouldn’t be of full hatred anymore but full of love and kindness.

I believe everyone could participate in a chain reaction of any sort. But why do it with hatred and killing, only to make life more difficult? Instead, do it in a kinder way. And create a chain reaction of kindness. This, I believe.