Treat Everyone With Equality

Nathan - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What would you do if you saw someone that the world hated? What if it was Osama bin Laden or perhaps Adolf Hitler? Would you really treat them as if they were a human or would you treat them like the people that they treated? I believe in treating every single person I meet with the same respect, kindness, and honesty, as my parents or anyone else I respect is the most important thing in life. When you die grades aren’t going to matter, what kind if job you have isn’t going to matter, even what kind of friends you have isn’t going to matter. It’s the impression that you leave on people.

We treat everyone differently some people we treat with respect such as a parent or sibling. Others though we might not treat them with the same respect that we give to others. Just because they are that one person that gets on every ones nerves at school or at the office doesn’t mean you treat them differently. There is a person that I know that is that person. His name is “Jeff”. “Jeff” isn’t exactly the smartest person in the world neither is the the most interesting to be around. He has a disorder (I don’t know what it is and neither do I want to know because if I ask I would consider it rude). He asks a lot of questions and doesn’t really fit two things together. Everyone that “knows” him is rude to him and they tease him. They are mean to him because he doesn’t fit in with others and doesn’t think for a second what to do. His dad is also always there to help him. “Jeff” thinks that because he always gets his way that the world is his. If he wants to sit somewhere but someone is there he orders them to move so he can sit.

Every time I see him though I try as hard as I can to be nice to him. I ask him how he is doing. I try like so many others in the world to be the person that makes a difference in someones life. If he hasn’t been having a good day at school then I help him out. I ask what happened and I try to fix it with him. I love to help people have a better day which makes everyone have a better day. I love to help people out. I work in my community to help make a better place. I serve at the mission. Every time I serve at the mission or help someone out I leave an impression on them that is what is going to last a life time. Your grades or your job don’t matter but the impression that I leave on people when I walk away. I believe in treating everyone around you with the same respect, kindness , and honesty as some one that I really love no matter who they are.