Be Yourself

Jacob - Ft. Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There are tons of different people in the world with lots of different personalities. I believe you should act like yourself to every single individual. No matter how weird you think they are or how cool they are. Always treat them like you would any other person and try not to be anyone you are not. Act like yourself and the person will be themselves to you.

I have been in situations, like at my church, where there have been all kinds of different people I did not know. There were people from different schools, who had different skin color, and people who played sports and others who looked like that sat and played video games all day with no meat on their bones. I did not know what they acted like and I did not know how to go up to them and present myself. I treated them like the person who I thought they would like and want to be their friend. That was not the best way of doing it I later learned. I should have acted like myself so they knew who I really was. If people think you are someone who you are not, they will want to do things with you; you may not want to do or not like to do.

When you act like yourself around other people those people will learn to like you for who you are and they will become your friends. Your friends are usually people that act a lot like you so you will like them because you act in similar ways so you get along really easily. Life will seem so much easier and so much better because you do not have to go through people not liking you and you wanting people to like you. I see people all the time where I know who they really are, but when they get around people they want to be friends with they are a totally different person which makes me not want to hang out or be around them. Act like yourself and things will be much better than if you go through life trying to pretend you are someone you are not. I believe to act like you.