I believe in Storms

Katie - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I was ten, and in the 5th grade and nothing was more important to me then getting the newest Bratz fashion dolls and being with my friends. So that chilly afternoon, I begged my mom to let me go to my friend Maddie’s house instead of tagging along for her haircut across town.

During those few hours I spent playing games with my best friend my mom got into a horrible car accident. My mom was hit by drunk driver spinning at 90 mph towards her. She flew into the windshield and our car was crushed. The man who hit her died instantly, and the passenger was put in a coma. My mom was very lucky, she survived.

The terrible accident changed my life. This “storm” that turned our world upside down, made my family all grow. I realized that after every storm something beautiful comes. But then I found that during the storm something even more powerful and wonderful happens.

I watched the way my mom reacted during those hard times and was amazed. I believe that it’s the days when it’s raining, where we can’t do what we want to, where the world around us seems dark, that we change, and we begin to truly think.

During the next couple months that followed my mom began to think as the “storm” surrounded her. She thought about her life. How she survived when he didn’t. She thought about her reason for being on this earth, and then she realized it was God. God kept her alive and has a plan for her. God is real.

My mom told me of God and took our family to church for the first time. She made something incredible out of that cold, dark storm. She didn’t just wait for the “storm” to pass; she learned how to dance in the rain.

I believe that during that scary “storm” in our lives we all begin to think. It was a powerful time for me and I think that the way we grow is better than any outcome. The way my mom’s heart changed, the way she grew and realized what’s truly important will stick with me forever.

During the crisis, traumatic event, or just crazy time we think, we change, and we grow. This I believe.