I believe in the freedom of music

Katie - Ft.Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the freedom of music.

All throughout time one thing has remained constant. From modern America to ancient people, from celebrations to mournings, they have all been expressed through, music.

Why? Why is music so important that we need it, that almost every person plays it, sings it, or listens to it? The answer is simply because we are unique, every one of us, and music is unique. Play it loud, play it soft, sing the words, or ponder the meaning, music is for you.

This flexibility of music makes it personal like a second you to help yourself through hard times, stress, and anger. It started about two years ago when I was playing the piano and my uncle walked in. As I finished he said the usual things, well done, great job, but one thing he said really stuck with me.

“Keep playing the piano, or at least some type of music, it will help you focus on what’s really important and push everything else aside.

I nodded, but thought little of it at the time. Now when I’m stuck in piles of thick work, I take my time to step back from it all and play a song or two, and suddenly from nowhere the answer appears plain as day. How couldn’t I have seen is before?

Throughout life I know that work will get harder and pressures greater, but people should just take the time to step back and let everything go for just a moment. To look back and see how far you’ve gotten, how you have really acted, and set your mind on your goals. Taking this time to reset and rethink allows you to renew focus on where you’re truly heading in life.

It’s hard to sit and deliberately ask yourself, how am I doing? Through music you just play and thoughts come alive on their own from no one other than the person you trust most, you.

Music connects the gap between the two sides of your brain; the right and the left, the logical and the artistic. One side used for rhythm and reading notes while the other side is used for musicality. Both sides work together to form true music in all its forms.

These connections help you to unfold and solve the mysteries of life, all while focusing on the way a piece sounds to you. Music is freedom. This I believe.