worth the leave

Kota - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Is this really worth it? Is it worth the pain? I only had to ask myself once. Early on in the season I had severly sprained my ankle and had to sit out for fourweeks. It had not been the first time.

I had come back from my four week absence and realized what the doctors had said was true. I had to quit for the season. It seemed like only yesterday because trying to run and hit was so painful it was like I just did it. Playing football had finally won the war on my body. Now I am only 14 and was only 14 at the time. I was too young to stop playing. My ankles have been through all kinds of hell and now they were done. It was hell. Six months before this I had severly sprained my right ankle in a skiing accident and I knew I was a sure gonner for football.

The doctors said one more injury after this one to any one of my ankles was the end of all sports for me. Thinking back I miss playing the rest of my freshman year but that’s how it had to be. It still bugs me that I have this permanit shadow of one and done injury with my ankle. It haunts me evry night day to feel this is a curse. I don’t regret saving my ankle it is the only way possible. Next season ill be ready to play an better than ever. Coaches started off mad because they couldn’t understand what happened. All I did was hit the seniors and rolled it. Now I believe taking the risk of leaving was worth it. I believe that I did was right. This I believe. My situation reminds me of this one Rodney atkins song if your going through hell keep on going and if your scared don’t show it. I do this every day I am scared the wrong step could end my football career. It scares me that I could easily be done. My ankles are my hell and every day I am scared and don’t show it. So I believe that you should only do what you feel is best and listening to your advisors.