Freedom Lives

Nicholaus - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

Freedom Lives

Ask yourself, “Do you support our troops, our freedom fighters?” Well I do, that is why I believe in freedom. Freedom is one of my many passionate beliefs. Why?

Well, for a year and a half, I spent worrying about a family member in our armed forces. I would wake up everyday for that year and a half, worrying about if my cousin, was still alive, but that year and a half I spent worrying if he was still with us, I knew that all he wanted to do was to ensure mine and yours freedom.

Freedom is to live without terror, freedom to say anything we want but not be criticized, and freedom to believe in whatever we choose whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or any other type of religion, you as an American Citizen have the right to choose. I can remember a day that I woke up thinking of him. Then I looked over at the television and there was the most tragic sight I had ever seen at the time. That sight was the first two initials in a name and a last name. Those two initials were J and M. The last name was Sullivan, the exact initials and last name of my cousin Joe. I was devastated everything that I had believed had all gone to waste. I looked back in fear and saw that the brave soldier that had died for his country was named John instead of Joe and was a different rank. I thought, “Thank the good Lord”, but I still felt sorrow for that man.

The dictionary’s definition of freedom is “Political Independence.” Well my definition of Freedom is to be able to write, speak, and think as a human being. Freedom is to have a say in our society and not be shut out by the government. Freedom is also being able to love, to believe, and to think and say what you want.

Whenever I think of my cousin Joe I remember that day and how I felt. Devastated and full of fear. But I will always say this, “Thank you for serving our country”. To every troop I see, to every soldier who leaves his family to anyone who puts their life before mine. When I grow up I want to have the influence that my cousin did and all the men and women that served and are still serving for their country today.