Lessons from the Waiting Room

Stephanie - South Riding, Virginia
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

“Our work as God’s servants gets validated – or not – in the details. People are watching us…” Excerpt from 2 Corinthians 6:1-10, (The Message).

I entered the baby blue shoe boxed office to be promptly shooed away to a steel framed chair. “Well good morning sunshine”, I murmured as I slid down into my seat. Sunshine beckoned me once for the insurance card hokey-pokey and stoically pointed to the same chair I left just moments ago. And there I waited.

Twenty minutes passed when a pleasant nurse called me back, checked my vitals and placed me in an examination room. My doctor conducted a thorough examination and provided a great report. My delight swiftly became dread as I approached the check out counter. Ugh, there she is again. I waited silently, being blatantly ignored. Sunshine was in the middle of an intimate file tango and my presence was clearly an undesired “cut in”.

Deep cleansing breath. Stoic and immobile, I examined my surroundings. Low and behold a subtle delight returned when my eyes observed the McDonald’s iced coffee that rested next to her.

When, IF, I get out of here, I’m hitting the Golden Arches to get a free iced coffee with my coupon that is also waiting in my wallet!

I dug into my lime green purse, grabbed my scarlet wallet and clutched my precious coupon.

Gulp. “I see you like those iced coffees too. Here, take this coupon for a free one!” Her strained brow transformed into that of a pleasant and familiar double arch! Our next ten minutes were occupied with friendly conversation. We both parted with wide smiles, the way friends tend to do.

I believe that it is more important to God how I behave while I wait, than while I am examined. How I wait is a front row seat view of who I really am and negates or validates who God is in my life.

You know what it cost me? Well, depending on the size, $1.69 or $1.99 (plus tax)…no, it cost me my pride. I decided to swallow a calorie-free portion of pride than a free iced java.

Yes, the doctor examined me in the examination room that day. But even more importantly, God examined my character in the waiting room. And, in both rooms, the test results came out just fine.