Hannah - Fort. Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

This I Believe

What is abortion? Murder? A privilege? A way out of a bad situation? Unfortunately, it’s all of those. I believe that killing off a baby just because you were the one to make the mistake is all wrong.

People argue that the baby isn’t alive until it is born. Then why do our bodies take care of the baby so thoroughly? Why is it when the doctor checks your baby, there is a heart beat. Why do we even go to the doctor to make sure that the baby is healthy if the baby isn’t even alive? Why do we feed the baby with our own nutrients if it isn’t alive?

The way I see it, is that they are alive, and if they really aren’t, then we or you are keeping them from having a life. In my book, that is murder. It is even more so when they take the baby out of the womb, and slaughter it there. It is out of the woman, yet that isn’t murder?

The babies are not the only ones who suffer either. Only heartless people really walk away from the abortion unscathed. Women end up feeling like it was their lives that were the ones that got ruined. Then why do the women do it? Probably because of shame, and wanting to hide all remnants of what happened. It usually doesn’t work.

I want a president that wants to stop abortion completely. So many babies have been killed, not only in the United States, but in the entire world, and I want the president to make it stop. Their opinions on this matter effect mine especially.

Abortion is a choice, but it’s a choice we shouldn’t choose. Unfortunately, we do. I want to reach out to the hurting women, and the women who are thinking of abortion. I want the doctors and the people who think abortion is okay to realize it for what it truly is. I believe that abortion is wrong, and that so many people can choose to stop it.

Smile: Your mother chose life.

~Bumper sticker