Role Models

joel - poquoson, Virginia
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I remember the excitement in my little brother’s eyes when I arrived at his sixth birthday party. He ran as fast as he can to embrace me. It had been two weeks since I had seen him and it was apparent that I was missed. As I watched him show me off to his friends at the party I also noticed him mimicking some of the ways that I held myself with my friends. It then became apparent that I had a huge impact on my little brothers life.

After realizing the effects on my brothers future I was reminded of the times that I took for granted the love and admiration I received from him. The times I would make a silly excuse to get out of the house in order to avoid spending time with him. I also remember the number or times where I would act disrespectful or immature in front of my little brother as well.

I believe that older brothers and sisters are the biggest role models in a younger siblings life. The role of the older siblings is to guide the younger and to help point them in right direction. When older siblings act stupid or in a insolent way the younger sibling will believe that the insolent behavior is the proper behavior.

When looking at my brother and seeing that he now is a very kind fun-loving first grader I am proud to say that I feel that way that I generally act has had a positive influence on his actions. But in retrospect, I feel guilty when I see him be unbelievably impatient or completely intolerable because I am sure that he has seen me act in the exact same way at some point. I in fact recognize the tone of his whine when he is trying to get what he wants. I recognize this tone because I have, of course, invented it.

Now that I saw the effects I had on my brother I realize that is the responsibility of the older sibling to make sure that the younger sibling not only behaves in a proper manner , but that he or she also emulates the ethics that you stand for. I believe that the way us older siblings hold ourselves is the way our younger siblings are going to hold themselves.

I know that I now will need to make sure that I need to never mess up in the eyes of my younger brother. I will now appreciate the relationship me and my brother have and the impact that I make. I know that for now on I will be the best big brother that I can possibly be.