Communication Downfalls

Daniel - El Cajon, California
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

Suddenly, you are awakened by a loud distinct alert from your mobile phone. You know this sound all too well. As you reach over to grab the cell phone, you wonder who it might be. It’s your now ex-girlfriend and the message reads “It’s Over!” In shock, you decide to check your phone’s text messaging log. You attempt to determine what you may have said to upset her; you review the last text message in an attempt to determine what went wrong. He simply forgot to respond. This isn’t the first time he failed to respond.

This I believe. We live in a world where there are endless ways to stay in touch, yet we fail to communicate on all levels. Phone, e-mail, text messaging have all essentially made it rather easy to stay in touch. It might seem as if, with so many options to choose from, we all have no excuse to not keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones. Another communication breakdown is that we fail to communicate effectively. Poor communication skills can cause unnecessary anguish and pain. Yet, with so many ways to communicate we often chose not too.

Why do Americans fail to communicate when they are have more options? Well, I truly believe that it’s due to the lack of time. Most Americans work thirty to sixty hours a week, giving us little to no time to ourselves. Another belief of mine is that we Americans lack the ability to manage our own time effectively, thus not having time to accomplish simple tasks such as communication. An additional problem with communication is that it causes relationship problems. Lack of communication can put your partner’s mind at a discomfort. Lack of communication could make your partner think you are unhappy with them, too busy, or, even worse, cheating on them. Lack of contact with family members could make a relationship with family become weaker. Keeping in touch is the connection required to keep people together.

When we fail to communicate effectively this could lead to agonizing problems. A Believe of mine is that we unknowingly leave out key points in our conversations. An example of this would be when we go out to late night party and your mother or spouse asks where you are going. You simply reply “Going out with some friends”, what you fail to communicate is that it will be a night of drinking. Later your mother or spouse finds out and becomes extremely upset. Your response is you don’t remember me telling you. Then she responds yea but you left out the drinking part. We intently left that part out to avoid conflict of interest the night before.

Surprisingly enough, most people are unaware that their communication skills are vital to everyday life. What is communication? Well, as it turns out communication isn’t only a one way street. Communication requires that both parties must contribute and get involved. Lack of Communication builds anger and resentment. For example, you failed to respond to your girl friends text message from the night before. Another problem with lack of communication is that it builds anger and resentment when one cannot express his or her self to others. One example of this would be the relationship example given above. Forgetting to respond or communicate properly can lead to an unexpected breakup.

Surprised, he attempted to determine what had gone wrong. As he reviews his text message logs he notices what had happened. Simply nothing. He failed to respond to her message the night before.