my religion, my passion,.. my music

richard - gainesville, Florida
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My religion, My Passion, and My Way Out …. Music

Music being a huge influence on human culture I think music has taken a different level on my life. Music is like a religion to me. Its my passion I love to listen and to play music I also love to expand my knowledge in music. I play guitar, drums, and bass and I mess around on piano. I love the instruments I play because they enrich my life and make me, me. The knowledge of music is like my bible you can never completely understand all of music and the parts that you never learn are a mystery to the mind like some of the bible. Music is also like a path to the soul it express the way someone fells.

Music is my outlet to release the way I feel and it also brings out happiness, sadness, anger, numbness, and all the feelings in the world while I play music. It just takes me away from any stress of life and puts me in another world that my mind can roam in. Music is a mystery in how it can do all of these things though the production of sound. I also record and mix music and that also brings out all of these same feelings as I do when Im playing music. It’s a passion and a drive to live life with music. It’s a feeling that is indescribable with words it’s just a feeling.

The music comes straight from the soul when I am writing my own music it’s a way of expressing my self the way I am its like my own language. It makes me fell good and confident about my self when I writ a piece of music that I like not to please others but myself because its my music. That I why I believe in music.