I believe Purple is the best color

Laurie - Champaign, Illinois
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe Purple is the best color and it happens to be my favorite.  As a little girl I was automatically flooded by pink.  Pink hats, pink shoes, and bright pink coats.  When I was in the fourth or fifth grade I started to love purple.  As I grew older I had more appreciation for the color I believe is the best, purple.

As little kids we grow up to love the o so famous big purple dinosaur, Barney.  He was a childhood friend to many kids.  We sang, danced, and played with the big purple dinosaur.  He taught us to be nice and share, look both ways before crossing the street, and taught us numbers, letters, and colors.  We loved him.

Then from ages 4-8 I had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses every year.  I loved Chuck E. the big mouse, but was amazed by the big purple figure up there on stage that was part of the mechanical band.  He looked like a big purple bear and he played the keyboard and wrote the songs.  The keyboard brings sound to band and helps the tempo.  For that reason that purple bear I believe was the best part of the band.

How about lavender.  As a kid if anyone saw lavender they would say purple.  Lavender has such a great scent to it and happens to be a very beautiful flower.  It smells so good and so sensual that the smell helps to put our little restless babies to sleep according to Johnson & Johnson.  Who would not love a bath gel or a baby lotion that helps to put babies to sleep in a non harmful way? Guess what it is purple, which I believe is the best color.

As I got older I began to seek more feminm qualities and wanted to smell good for all sorts of reasons.  I went to Victoria Secret and I picked out what I thought smelled the best, Love Spell.  I have known it to the most popular among the Victoria Secret fragrances many females love to wear and males love to smell it.  It just so happens to be purple.  Love Spell ummm I love it and I believe it to be best because of its smell and color.

Last but not least the appreciation I have for my countries the United States of America and Haiti are both a part of me.  Mix the colors red and blue, which are the colors of the flags of both countries, you get purple.  I believe Barney even taught us these mixture of colors.

Purple creates great educators, good keyboard player and song writers, helps you sleep, creates wonderful fragrances, and is the sum of patriot colors.  What more do you need than to be smart, have good music to move to,  get great rest so you can grow and be healthy, smell good, and a symbol for ones love for their country.  The best color, purple provides all that!!