Second Chances

Megan - Stafford, Virginia
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I do not believe that any decision goes without considering the consequences and the benefits. If I would have voted, I would have casted my vote based on race and popularity versus political background and capability. I have cheated on a test, been caught, and spent the rest of my high school career with a black smudge on my permanent record. I have illegally partaken in underage drinking with friends and made stupid decisions to jump out of windows. I have experienced a shattered foot and a four hour long surgeries to repair the damage. I have driven my car over the speed limit on the interstate to be pulled over by a state trooper that clocked me at 85 in a 65, and left a speeding ticket for my mistake. I have damaged my relationship with a parent over countless fights and screaming. I have lost a best friend over drama with a boy. I have held grudges against someone long enough to lose their friendship and value. I have shoplifted from the corporate world to be charged with petty larceny and to learn from mistakes. I have lied and cheated people to make myself look much better than I seem. I have cut people off in traffic only to cause an accident resulting in damage to the car and shaken up lives. I have yelled at someone that did not deserve to be yelled at. I have loved and lost and learned to cope with depression. I have been to the doctor to be told that I have a blood problem that needs to be solved with several medications. I have totaled a car and had to buy a new one. I have put an unbelievable amount of work into a relationship that has crashed down within a month of it’s beginning. I have made new friends and lost old ones, only to find that the old friends needed to stick around. I have spread rumors about those who I did not like, only to find out that rumors are spread about me. I have talked about people that did not deserve to be talked about. I prejudge everyone I meet, only to be proven wrong. I do not apologize for things I do not believe I should apologize for. I curse too often to be considered a “young lady” in my household. I have blown little situations out of proportion. I have resisted change in my life when I did not feel it was necessary. Through all of these experiences in my life, I have learned to cope with the consequences and move on with life. Because of my will to overcome my mistakes in the past, I believe in second chances and always learning from your mistakes.