Without a Friend

Dallin - Fort Collins, California
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Without a Friend

For me, recess in Elementary School was always the loneliest time of the day….

Until I came into fifth grade. Recess always was the part of the day where I would walk

aimlessly around the playground, staring at all the kids talking and laughing with their

friends. All I wanted was just someone to talk to, but, my shyness prevented me from

going into the social world. After five depressing years of being in California schools, our

family decided to move to Colorado. The first two weeks of fifth grade seemed to be just

as lonely as my previous years until the school counselor brought me and another new

girl out of the classroom to staple some papers for her. While I was outside the class

working on this pointless project, the counselor spoke to the class about being friends to

those who needed them. Right after the counselor spoke; a boy walked up to me and

asked if I would like to hang out with him during recess. I was astonished that I now had

a friend without even trying. As the year passed on, the boy that asked me if I would like

to play with him turned out to be one of my best friends even if we didn’t have the same


Over the years, I had to say goodbye to him over a move, but, his kindness

taught me how to be a lot less shy, and to help anyone who needs a friend. Today, I look

at myself as a responsible, friendly Freshman ready to help those in need of a friend.

I encourage all my friends to invite people in need of friends to our table, or at least put

out an extra effort to be kind. Right now, I find myself tied up in the position of leaving

my home in Colorado, and finding a new home in a new state. Instead of being miserable,

I will find a way to make friends, rather than wait for someone to help the new kid. Many

people don’t know the feeling of being lonely, then, finally being included and loved by

someone. I believe that no matter how different someone may be, everyone needs a