Teens Should Have Jobs

Arthur - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on November 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There are easily three reasons I could name why. All teens need to learn about responsibility, another reason, all teens love the idea of having their own money and they are tired of asking their parents and them saying no, having a job is also a taste of the real world. Students need an after school job.

Having an after school job is a good way for teenagers to learn to have responsibility. When teens have a job they are responsible for getting themselves to work on time and making sure they get their school work done. They also have to have some type of transportation. They might have to take the bus, they must be responsible enough to get to it on time and know what time it’s supposed to be there.

Teens want their own money and they want to manage it themselves. Having a job can give them an opportunity for both of those. Say if a teen wants to have a car but they have no money, they can get money by having a job. When they get the money, they’ve got to manage the money; don’t spend it all at one time, so they can buy their vehicle.

Having a job gives teenagers a taste of the real world. The real world as in; having responsibilities, managing money, having your own money. THERES MORE TO COME!!!!!!