Global warming? I think not…

Seth - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

Could the earth, an enormous mass of rock, set in space by a gravitational pull, set spinning on an angle, and completely able to support life for millions of years, have its prosperity ended by a simple action of any one being on its surface? My answer would be no. God set the earth in motion to support life, and ultimately support human life on it. Then God gave power to man (us) to rule over all the other animals in the earth.

I think that it is absurd to believe that by using a resource on the surface of the earth (in this case, under it) could ruin the earth’s entire system of supporting life, even if the surface temperature (heaven forbid) should raise a few degrees. Now before you dismiss my thoughts as absurd or obnoxious, you have to consider the fact that the earth has survived multiple blasts over a hundred times as powerful as any nuclear weapon we now possess.

Now we think about global warming. Well we are burning oil, which releases carbon dioxide (Co2) into our atmosphere (no, carbon dioxide is not just appearing it has been here before right?). So then you look at how much of this actually contributes to the green house effect. Approximately 15% of Co2 actually enters the atmosphere, causing the green house effect. Now we consider that cows, just by blasting the atmosphere with methane, outdo all of our factories and cars. So why we are even stopping to consider the effect of humanity on a few degrees added to our global temperature.

Now I know that you are thinking, “Well look at the glaciers, they are melting at vast speeds. The ocean will rise.” (If you think otherwise then that statement is not as relevant). Well, I can say this with confidence, the glaciers are a mark of the previous ice age, now you must understand that these are remnants of a giant worldwide temperature drop, in which most of the surface of the earth was covered in ice. So as the climate gradually warms those remnants melt, whether those pictures that document 100 years is a good measurement of geological time, or how the change of 1 improvable degree caused by humans, on the face of the earth, effects this at all.

Now to confront another small issue in the global warming agenda, there are polar bears drowning up in the North Pole from the melted ice burgs. What they fail to recognize is the fact that polar bears can swim for 50 miles without rest (you would think that if the iceberg is melting, it would just swim to another one right?)

And to the final global warming issue, towns will be flooded. OK so this is going to happen anyway, whether humans are contributing or not. So instead of trying to win a battle against earth’s climate changes, why not adapt to them like everything else on the face of the planet? Almost every other mammal in existence adapts to problems while we try to change the problems themselves. So why not just move away from our going-to-be-flooded areas. So instead of worrying, why not enjoy a warmer day at the beach, and enjoy the larger waves.