A Hope for Change

Sarah - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

Every single day in the halls of my high school I encounter people who need help. There are people who need advice on relationships, friends, and family. There are also people who need help on a larger scale. There are people who have been abused; who are broken and betrayed. There are those who are homeless. All of these people need help. I believe that as long as there are ways to provide this help, there is some hope in the world.

On the streets of downtown Denver, an hour south of where I live, common sights are the tall, looming skyscrapers, the rush of traffic and all the busy people living their lives. However, under the façade of normalcy, an unspoken, abandoned truth remains. In the chaos of everyday life, people, same as us, live a life of struggles, vulnerability, and fear. These are the people who need help.

Walking down the sidewalk of 17th Street I saw a man about 32 years old. He had an unshaven face and a scraggly jacket. I thought nothing of it. On a second glance I saw that one accessory this man carried was a large garbage bag stuffed with clothes. This man was homeless. This was the first time I encountered such injustice. I felt ashamed and sad. I felt hopeless and sick to my stomach. I was disappointed in America. I was disappointed in our world. It astounded me that out of so many people who have the opportunity to help, so few take action.

I am proud to be American. Our country stands for freedom, for hope. I believe it should remain that way. That is why I help.

I am 14 years old. Two years ago my mom signed me up for an organization called National Charity League. This organization is dedicated to improving and helping our communities. Since joining, I have discovered that when I help people, I can ignite hope, no matter how small. I have always heard people say America is so messed up. After my experiences, I disagree. Any place that can provide opportunities to help is definitely not all that messed up. I believe that along with these opportunities to help comes the promise of hope for America. I believe that there is hope for change.

I have never had a bad life. My parents have been able to provide for me. I have never had to live out of a plastic garbage bag. I know that not everyone has such luxury. I believe that I have to do what I can for people in need. Since I have the privilege, and opportunity to help, it is my duty to do so. If I can give someone the help they need, I can provide some hope in their lives. I believe that when we answer calls for help, we plant the seeds of hope. I believe in the hope for a better America, and in the hope for a better world.